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'Most of my perspective is colored through natural worlds, training in ecology, physiological ecology, and biology - and theoretical training on the social dynamics of populations.  So that the challenges of our population dynamics, our use of resources, and our social choices, are driven by population behavioral choices faced by many human and animal populations before, with similar drivers underlying the social behavior choices groups take.  Now you know my bias.

Along with an insatiable feeling of being an outsider, a tweener, a maverick, I lacked belonging, connection, and inclusion in all aspects of my choices.  But with 20 years of environmental and public service at the state and federal level, I have been helping communities and local governments, and analysing the effects of us humans on our natural world and our own population dynamics. 

I’m deeply interested in our collective plight.  And I usually see our challenges through trying to find solutions that meet the tenets of population behavior needs and environmental needs at the operational and organizational level of groups and populations.

So I seek to assist in any way I can with the efforts to live within our means. To help us all find familial or like minded connections. To help us live within our local habitats, in order to preserve our lot, the Earth, and our future.'

More about Charlene Andrade's work is here and here

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