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'As  our population grows and higher demands of consumption are to be met,  the lives of billions of animals are industrialized. Through factory  farming, animals turn into merchandise. Humane living conditions are  traded for the maximization of profits. Labels such as “free-range”  barely carry any solid legal standard.

This  issue is one of the most difficult to face and to discuss. Many of us  and our loved ones support this industry. No one wants to be faced with  the truth of how their animal products were made, especially when  consuming them is so normalized. I forced myself to learn this truth by  conducting my own research, and have since dedicated myself to pursuing a  future career in animal law.

I  believe the issue is not best resolved by shaming or scaring others  into no longer consuming animal products. I believe it is better  resolved on an industrial level and an environmental level. The issues  of overpopulation and overconsumption must be addressed. A culture of  awareness of how one's decisions impact the world around them must be  promoted. More standards need to be set for the industry in terms of the  way they operate and the transparency they provide to consumers. I  continue to advocate for this change as an undergraduate student and  animal rights activist.'

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