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'I  have been working as an environmental activist in the UK for two and a  half years. I specialise in lobbying the UK government to consider a  paradigm shift to degrowth, in recognition of global ecological  overshoot and ecosystem collapse. My website is called Poems for Parliament.   I have written a book to inspire out-of-the-box thinking, it is free to download here.

I  am funding friends in Kenya and Malawi to spread the word about the  need for degrowth. I believe that our Declaration of Human Rights has  misled us into thinking that we can exceed the ecological boundaries of  our planet. This has resulted in decades of adherence to the growth  paradigm.

To  rectify this flaw, I am promoting a new concept of a UN Global  Aspiration to return at least 50% of Earth's biocapacity for life-forms  other than humanity. This concept, if ratified by the United Nations  should inspire the global population to collaborate peacefully to use  our free-choice and available capital to regenerate ecosystems and  contract our population rapidly and voluntarily.

I  made a personal decision not to have children in the 1970s when the  discussion about population issues was much more free than it is  nowadays. I am 65 years old now.'

Here is an interview that Barbara gave recently:  'The Emotional Journey to Degrowth'

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