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'Some  of my earliest memories are filled with a sense of great longing to  grow up and become just like one of the heroes in the books my father  read to me at bedtime. It was my great fortune to have parents who  empowered me to do just that. Because they believed in me as a person,  because they had faith in me and my vision for myself and the world I  wanted to inhabit, I am now happily engaged in an ambitious career to  protect half of Earth's land and halt the impending destruction of the  biosphere.

When I  look at girls and young women today and observe the substantial  potential they possess to determine their own and our collective future,  I wish for them the type of childhood experiences I had - a warm and  loving family, a burgeoning sense of confidence and independence, and an  expanding awareness of their own transformative power. Our daughters  are our future. Empowering them now will change the world. This is what  it means to be a part of GirlPlanet.'

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